MoALPHA is a voluntary association of local public health agencies (city and county health departments) in Missouri, founded in 1994. Our mission is to…
  • Support communication among local, state and federal public health agencies.
  • Provide educational and networking opportunities for the public health workforce.
  • Advocate for the health of all Missouri residents.
The MoALPHA Bulletin Board will allow you to communicate directly with your MoALPHA colleagues regarding important issues and health-related topics. If you are a local public health administrator, assistant administrator or supervisor and would like access to the Bulletin Board, please create an account below. All other staff may have access to the Bulletin Board with approval from their administrator. If you are a health department administrator then click here to create an account.

At a Glance


MICH is requesting your feedback by reviewing the new Performance Standards for Local Public Health Agencies in Missouri. For the first time in 15 years, MICH has completely restructured its Voluntary Accreditation Standards using the Institutes of Medicine’s evidence/experience-based minimum package of essential governmental public health services and capacities called Foundational Public Health Services. In addition to the Foundational Public Health Services, the framework for the Missouri performance standards encompasses the principles of Public Health 3.0 as defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Please check the Document Drawer (under category: MICH New Performance Standards for Review by July 7, 2017) in the Members Only Page for three documents:
  • An open letter of invitation to review the new Standards.
  • The Feedback Form to use to send your comments.
  • Draft Performance Standards for Local Public Health Agencies in Missouri.
Please provide MICH with your feedback by July 7, 2017. Thank you in advance for your valuable feedback!!


Your Advocacy is Needed Now on the AHCA!!

The American Health Care Act (AHCA), is making big moves behind closed Senate doors. Republican Senators are looking to bring their version of the AHCA to the Senate floor before the July 4 break without public hearings or debate. The first page of the AHCA passed by the House repeals the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF) in FY2019. The FY2018 President’s budget contains additional cuts to programs funded by the PPHF. PPHF is 12% of CDC’s budget. These funds go to core public health programs, like immunizations, epi and lab capacity, and chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Your voice is needed now! 

Eliminating core public health programs that are now funded by the PPHF without a clear plan for replacement would seriously undermine the ability of counties, cities, states and territories to protect and promote health. If the PPHF is repealed as part of the changes to the ACA, health departments could see significant cuts in funding in the next fiscal year (FY2019). Please call today and tell Senators Blunt and McCaskill that a plan is needed to ensure CDC programs supported by the PPHF continue to receive funding.

In addition, the AHCA would make steep cuts to Medicaid coverage. It is essential that Medicaid beneficiaries continue to receive insurance coverage as well as coverage of clinical preventive services. Your advocacy is needed! We hope that you will take action by writing and calling Senators Blunt and McCaskill. Please let us know how we can help support your efforts.


NACCHO Launches Health Equity and Social Justice 101 Training Series

NACCHO has recently launched a Health Equity and Social Justice 101 Training Series to increase the knowledge and inform the practices of local health departments and their multi-sector partners on health equity and social justice (HESJ) principles, key concepts, and applications. The training series kicks off with a pre-recorded presentation featuring Dr. Richard Hofrichter, Senior Director of NACCHO’s Health Equity and Social Justice Program. The training series continues with webinars exploring intersectionality as a framework on June 29 and Stories from the Field on July 18. Contact Whitney Hewlett at NACCHO with any questions.

Check out the Legislation page for current information for 2017 Session

Republicans have named their committee assignments. See Document Drawer for list. Over 500 bills already filed. See Document Drawer for list of bills of potential interest to MoALPHA.