The Missouri Association of Local Public Health Agencies (MoALPHA), having been created by vote of the Membership on May 4, 1994, does hereby establish these By-Laws for its guidance and operation. MoALPHA’s mission is to support communication among local, state and federal public health agencies; provide educational and networking opportunities for the public health workforce; and advocate for the health of all Missouri residents.


The Membership shall consist of four types: Sustaining, Associate, Contributing partner, and Retired Administrator. The Sustaining member shall be a Local Public Health Agency that pays annual dues on a population based schedule and will be entitled to all rights and benefits of full membership, including the right to hold office, chair committees, and vote on the basis of one vote per agency. The Associate member shall be a Local Public health Agency that pays annual dues of a fixed, reduced amount. They may attend meetings, receive information and newsletters, and provide input. Associate members may not hold office, chair committees, or vote. A request for Associate membership shall be made in writing to the Chair, shall require approval by the executive Board, and shall be limited to one year. The Contributing Partner member shall be an educational institution, a not-for-profit organization, or a health, public health, environmental or any other business with an interest that coincides with the mission of MoALPHA. They may attend meetings, receive all member information, newsletters and email notices, and provide input. Contributing members may not hold office, chair committees or vote. A request for Contributing Partner membership shall be made in writing to the Chair, shall require approval by the Executive Board, and shall be for one calendar year. The Missouri Department of Health is not eligible for membership. The Retired Administrator member shall be an individual who has retired from service as administrator of a Missouri Local Public Health Agency. Annual dues for Retired Administrators will be established by the Board.


There shall be a minimum of three membership meetings each year, one of which will be the Annual meeting to be held in the fall. The Executive Board shall set dates and times of these meetings. The Chair may call special meetings at the request of a majority of the Executive Board. Notice and agenda of regular meetings and minutes of previous meetings shall be sent to the Membership in a timely manner. A quorum shall consist of a minimum of 20% of sustaining members.


The officers shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The Chair shall supervise the activities of MoALPHA, its officers and employees, and shall preside at meetings of the association and the Executive Board. The Chair-Elect shall assist the Chair in the performance of duties, shall preside in the absence of the Chair, and upon death, resignation, or removal, shall succeed the Chair for the unexpired term. The Chair-Elect shall address By-Laws issues and bring proposed changes before the Membership as necessary. The Secretary or designee shall be responsible for keeping an accurate and complete record of all proceedings of the Board and the Membership. Upon death, resignation, or removal of both the Chair and Chair-Elect, shall succeed the Chair for the unexpired term. The Treasurer shall deal with the fiscal matters of MoALPHA and present at each Annual meeting, a written report setting forth receipts, disbursements, balances and the annual budget. Upon death, resignation, or removal of the Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary, shall succeed the Chair for the unexpired term.


The Executive Board consists of the four officers, the immediate past Chair, and the Chairs of all standing committees. The Board shall be empowered to conduct the routine business of MoALPHA between membership meetings and any other business as delegated by the Membership. The Chair or Chair-Elect, in the absence of the Chair, and three members shall constitute a quorum. The Board may meet as often as necessary but no less than three times a year. In the event that the Board cannot physically meet, decisions of the Board can be made through electronic means.


The officers shall be elected for a two-year term at the Annual meeting. The terms of the Chair and Chair-Elect will begin in odd-numbered years, and the terms of the Secretary and Treasurer will begin in even-numbered years. Vacancies occurring between Annual meetings shall be filled by appointment of the Board. Appointees to vacated elective office shall serve until the next Annual meeting, at which time an election will be held to finish out the unexpired term.


MoALPHA shall be a 501-C6 not-for-profit organization whose fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31. The funds of MoALPHA shall be deposited in a bank or banks insured by the federal government. The Treasurer shall pay bills as authorized by the Executive Board. Three members of the Board shall be authorized to sign MoALPHA checks.


Sustaining members shall pay annual dues on a population-based schedule and first year membership may be prorated. Associate members shall pay annual dues on a fixed, reduced amount. These rate structures shall be established by the Board and ratified by the members.


The Executive Board shall establish such committees and task forces as deemed necessary for the conduct of MoALPHA business. Standing committees and responsibilities shall be:
  • Nominating

    To develop a slate of officers prior to each annual meeting. The Immediate Past Chair shall chair the Nominating Committee.
  • Finance

    To oversee the financial status of the organization, assist the Treasurer with budgets, and annually review financial records prior to the first general meeting.
  • Rural Public Health

    To solicit input from rural health units and bring issues to the attention of membership.
  • Metro Public Health

    To solicit input from metro health units and bring issues to the attention of membership.
  • National Public Health

    To bring national issues to the attention of membership and to advocate for Local Public Health Agencies in national forums.
  • Legislative

    To work with the Chair and Executive Director to research, advocate, and solicit membership support for the needed legislation and to testify when appropriate.
  • Education

    To assist the Executive Director in planning and implementing educational activities for members.
  • Environmental Health

    To address, educate the Membership, advocate, and solicit support for environmental and communicable disease issues.
  • Nursing Administration

    To advise the Board and membership on needs and concerns that are specific to Administrators that also serve as Registered Nurses.
  • Missouri Association of Local Boards of Health

    to serve mutual interests of the members of local public health governing and advisory bodies in the areas of training, professional networking, and policy analysis.


The Executive Board may employ or otherwise engage an Executive Director and other staff members or consultants as necessary to carry on the work of MoALPHA.



    The MoALPHA chair at each year’s annual meeting will appoint the Awards Committee during the business meeting. The Awards Committee will be chaired by the Immediate Past Chair, and will review all nominations that were submitted at least 45 days prior to the scheduled MoALPHA Annual Meeting. Multiple awards may be made each year. The nominating committee shall determine the recipient(s) and the Executive Director will then order the awards materials to be presented to the recipient(s). The Chair-Elect shall be responsible for preparing a press release and other appropriate informational materials to publicize the award.

    Any agency that is a current Sustaining member of MoALPHA may submit nominations for any MoALPHA award. Nominations should be submitted through the administrator or board of the agency to the MoALPHA Executive Director or Chair. Nominations will be accepted up to 60 days prior to the scheduled MoALPHA Annual Meeting. Nominations for the Mentor Award should be submitted using the Annual Mentor Award nomination form.

    The MoALPHA Chair and the Executive Director will present the award(s) to the recipients or their representatives at the annual meeting dinner.

  • Purpose:

    An important factor in sustaining a strong and effective local public health agency presence in the State of Missouri has been the vision, leadership and support provided by certain dedicated individuals. These outstanding public health professionals serve as role models and inspire and invigorate public health colleagues statewide. They also influence citizens and elected officials by providing by example a positive view of public health. This award is intended to recognize these tireless architects, builders and promoters of local public health.
  • Eligibility:

    Any past or current public health practitioner who has worked in the field of public health for at least 5 years is eligible to be nominated for this award. This eligibility is not limited to those associated with local public health agencies, however, nominees from other sectors should have a clear connection with local public health and should have, or have had, demonstrable leadership and mentoring roles relating to local public health agencies.

  • Purpose:

    Strong legislative proponents are essential to the effectiveness of the public health system and the viability of local public health agencies. This award serves to recognize a Legislator who has worked to improve public health by sponsoring or supporting legislation and/or budget initiatives that strengthen the public health system in Missouri.
  • Eligibility:

    Any current or past member of the Missouri House of Representatives or the Missouri Senate, or any staff member of a legislator, is eligible to be nominated for this award.

  • Purpose:

    This award honors a person or agency that has worked collaboratively with MoALPHA or its members to achieve public health goals that could not have been reached otherwise.

  • Purpose:

    A Special Award may be given to honor any person who has contributed to the betterment of local public health in Missouri, upon the approval of the Awards Committee and the Executive Board.


These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of members present at any Annual meeting provided that notice of such amendments have been mailed to the members not less than 15 days prior to the date of the Annual meeting; or by electronic or mailed ballot by a majority vote of those voting, provided the amendment to be voted upon is mailed to the members not less than 30 days before the date specified for the return of the ballot.